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Images from “9 June” - Laila Ho
Courtesy of Zine Coop

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 Images from “Let's Go Picnic” - Angel Pang
Courtesy of Zine Coop

'Sniffing around, the most unforgettable scent was…

(from left to right)


Item: teargas
Place: Harcourt Road

Item: The smell of McDonalds
Place: Hoi Fu

Item: Cigarette smoke
Place: Under the foot bridge

Item: Face mask
Place: On the face

Item: Stuffy rain
Place: Harcourt Road

Item: Sweat
Place: My body'



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The story of Lennon Wall Guardian
Courtesy of We Are HKers

'That night, I printed out lots of different posters, wrote the words “Lennon Wall”, and

prepared some post-it notes with messages on them. We went as a group of three because

we felt it would be safer than doing it alone. That night, we finished putting up the posters

quickly – it took us about 10 to 20 minutes. At first, there were only 30 post-it notes, plus

maybe 10 or so posters. No one thought it would expand into such a large Lennon Wall.'

- READ the story

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Interview with Badiucao

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Main image_2 Reports from a Falling City

“Two Reports from a Falling City” - E. Ma

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Interview with ‘Tomato C Hing’ restaurant owner